Line Vanden Bogaerde, Belgian jewelry

100% made in Belgium

From her studio in the heart of Ghent, Line designs and creates every piece of jewelry.

She follows an organic design process, using the materials as a starting point. Every collection has it's own design language, but also flow - very organically - from one into another. Timeless jewelry that guarantees a match that transcends all collections.

Every design starts with a basic foundation. Ready to perfect with a remarkable, contemporary detail.

The design is both elegant and refined: one never excludes the other, but creates creative tension.

Line searches for balance between tranquility and movement. She reconciles timeless with contemporary and creates sober luxury that radiates.

Express yourself with fine jewelry

If you choose a minimalist piece or a statement piece, the right jewelry boosts your personality.

The right fit brightens you up and your appearance gets a boost.

This is your very personal match. The jewel creates an extra je-ne-sais-quoi that enhances your daily look. Something tangible to feel safe and loved often gifted by a loved one, or yourself.

It's future: an heirloom that will be passed down for years. The fact that you wear it close to your skin proves how warm, emotionally charged and personal a well selected piece of jewelry is.

Luxury must be fair

Growing up with a great sense of responsibility and respect for people and the environment, Line realizes all too well that jewelry - and especially its raw materials - are not beyond reproach.


Fairmined gold an obvious choice

Choosing fairmined gold makes a huge difference for the miners, their community and environment.

Line sees it as her responsibility to create as sustainably and fair as possible.

That is why the collections are not trend-based. Using high quality and fair raw materials is the true essence of sustainability.

If you choose a wedding ring in fair-mined gold, you contribute to a better future. For many of our customers that's the extra shine they are looking for.